Sanjana bhat- journey, audition of “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa”, ZEE TV “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa”

For over 25 years, the Zee TV hit show “SA RE GA MA PA” has been running successfully. And in 2021 Zee TV has launched their New Season of “SA RE GA MA PA” with our favorite judges Himesh Reshammiya, Vishal Dadlani, and Shankar Mahadevan. They are judging this show for the past few years. And once again they’re the judges of this show. And also the host of the show is additionally the same as “Aditya Narayan”.


The audition of this show has begun in the past 3months. And auditions are still going in different cities. The show audition has been conducted in several cities.
And in an audition of “SA RE GA MA PA,” we’ve found a talent named Sanjana Bhat from New Delhi. She simply enchanted judges along with her melodious voice. And also the thing that impresses judges is that she holds her baby while singing. Her journey during this show is full of challenges. She perpetually needed to pursue her dream of singing, but she got married and forgot about her dream. However, by god grace, she got a supporting and encouraging husband who supports her dreams and took her for the audition of “SA RE GA MA PA”.and this supports made her audition performance superb.  She sang the song “Aao Tumhen Chand Pe Le Jayen”.

All the judges were therefore affected. She sang the song “Aao Tumhen Chand Pe Le Jayen” and she sang this song for her daughter as well as Lori.

sajana bhat saregama pa

all the judges were shocked when she sings the song with holding her baby. While giving marks Vishal Dadlani said “How will anyone not be moved by this ease, so melodious Absolute magic! Nobody is aware of the way to balance responsibilities and dreams higher than Delhi’s Sanjana Bhat. I have to say mothers really have a special quiet strength and power; she controls her baby with one hand and still, so melodiously she sings is just superb”.

With such unimaginable abilities in our country, judges are obtaining challenged that however will they decide from such talented people of our country.
And if you wish to know a lot, then tune into Zee TV at 9 pm Sat and Sunday.

Now if we talk about SA RE GA MA PA History

sanjana bhat

“Sa Re Ga Ma Pa” is a Hindi reality singing television show. The first episode was telecast on ZEE TV on 1st May 1995 and at that time the host was Sonu Nigam.  And by the time the host got changed. In 2000 the host of the show was Amaan Ali Bangash and Ayaan Ali Bangash.

And in 2001, Shaan started to host the show “SA RE GA MA PA”. Till 2005 the format of the show was the same but in 2005 the format gets changed in which judges get their team and audience will choose the winner. And then Shaan also leaves the show, and after that, the show was hosted by many other like Manish Paul, Archana Jani,  Afsha Musani, and many more. And till now the most prominent host of the “SA RE GA MA PA” show is Aditya Narayan.

This show gives us such great singers, who have a melodious voice quality and lots of talent.

Here is a list of 14 winners of “SA RE GA MA PA” show.

“SA RE GA MA PA” Winner of season 1 – Sanjivani

Sanjivani is a classical singer. She has sung many hit songs on Bollywood as well. But she is more popular for bhakti songs. She has performed in 2000 and more concerts in the world.

“SA RE GA MA PA” Winner of season 2 – Nobina Mirjankar 

Nobina Mirjankar is the winner of season 2 of “SA RE GA MA PA”. As per sources right now she is not active in singing.

“SA RE GA MA PA” Winner of season 3 – Mohammad Vakil

The first male contestant who wins the trophy of “SA RE GA MA PA”. he is famous for his ghazal. He sang the song “Aya Tere Dar Pe Deewana” for the film Veer Jaara.

“SA RE GA MA PA” Winner of season 4 – Bela Shende

She is the voice of many Bollywood and regional films songs. The voice behind ‘Man Mohan’ from the film Jodha Akbar is Bela Shende. She was awarded as the National Singer for the Marathi song Koncha in 2014.

“SA RE GA MA PA” Winner of season 5 – Archana Udupa

Archana has given her soulful voice in the south industry.  She has sung more than 1000 songs. She has won the Best Female Play Back Singer in 2012 for the film ‘Bhageerathi’.

“SA RE GA MA PA” Winner of season 6 – Shreya Ghoshal

Shreya Ghosal is one of the best singers in the music industry. Shreya has won 14 Filmfare and 4 National awards.

“SA RE GA MA PA” Winner of season 7 – Debojit Shaha

He was the voice of the ‘Voice of India’ title song. Debojit sings in Hindi but he also sings in Bengali and Assamese languages.

“SA RE GA MA PA” Winner of season 8 – Ujjain Mukherjee & Aishwarya Nigam

This season was launched with different themes and concepts. In this theme they feature pairs. And this pair Ujjain Mukherjee & Aishwarya Nigam won this show. Both perform in India and all around the world. ‘Munni Badnam Hui’ song in the film ‘Dabangg was sung by Aishwariya.

“SA RE GA MA PA” Winner of season 9 – Aneek Dhar

He is also the winner of season 9 and he also won Zee Bangla “SA RE GA MA PA”. He performed with his band in India and all around the world.

“SA RE GA MA PA” Winner of season 10 – Vaishali Madhe

Vaishali Madhe mostly sings in her language Marathi. She has been awarded the best playback singer for the film ‘Vaghi’.

“SA RE GA MA PA” Winner of season 11 – Kamal Khan

He is the voice behind the soulful song ‘Ishq Sufiana’ from the film ‘The Dirty Picture. He sings in the Punjabi language also and his Punjabi song ‘Dil Sara’ has hit 34 million views on YouTube.

“SA RE GA MA PA” Winner of season 12– Jash Raj Jayant Joshi

Jash raj sings in the Marathi film industry and he is very active there.

“SA RE GA MA PA” Winner of season 13 – Khushal Paul

This singer sings for Strum Entertainment Private Limited and lives in Kolkata with his family.

“SA RE GA MA PA” Winner of season 14 – Ishita Vishwakarma

She is a great singer and Ishita is the brand ambassador of Madhya Pradesh Govt, ‘Lado Abhiyan’. she is still learning singing from her mother.

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