OTT Platforms VS Theatre Cinema

So as you all know that nowadays OTT becomes a trend or you can call it a fashion .small to small and big to big pictures are released on the OTT Platform due to this Pandemic. But the real question arises here is which option is better OTT or theatre cinema?

Diffrence between OTT Platforms and Theatre cinema

Here I come to give you an answer as per my opinion .first of all OTT means; online broadcasting of multimedia like NETFLIX, ALT BALAJI, MX PLAYER, DISNEY HOTSTAR, and more sites. And theatre is our big multiplex. When we compared both platforms’ audiences they all have different opinions.

Both platforms have their pros and cons. I personally prefer theatre for watching the movie but due to this pandemic I also shifted to OTT .but the comfort, sound effects you get in theatre was unbelievable which not any platform can match, and we all are theatre person at some point of time.

But we should thanks to this OTT Platform that in this pandemic we can watch our favorite movies sitting at our home. The best thing about this OTT Platform is that you can watch movies at a low budget, you can buy monthly or yearly subscriptions to any OTT Platform which is budget-friendly as well.

Demand of OTT Platform

Now come to know the demand of OTT only in INDIA. This platform (OTT) makes a revenue of 0.5 billion dollars just by online screening in India. And we can say that this platform might grow more than 5billion dollars in just 4years. Because people love it.Not only movies you can watch web series also.

As per my conclusion, both platforms are good, it totally depends upon you that where you get your comfort zone because comfort is the most important thing.

Now if we talk about theatres it has a different feel, people get excited there for watching movies, buying tickets to watch their favorite actor-actresses movies first-day first show, and this kind of excitement we can’t find on OTT Platform and in my opinion we should need this kind of excitement at some point of life where we make memories with friends, families because memories live for forever.

But due to this covid, we have to switch to OTT Platforms. And this covid pandemic gives a huge benefit to OTT Platforms.  OTT is convenient but the feel of the theater will remain the same. There are still lots of people who are waiting to reopen the theatres.

Hope everything will get back to track sooner so that we can watch our favorite actor-actresses movies in theaters and take that feel again.

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