How to get free diamonds in the Free Fire game- best and easiest way, safe ways to get free diamonds in the Free Fire game.

Like in real life diamonds are so precious just like diamonds are very precious in the Game Free fire, in this game diamonds we use diamonds as a currency. Like in real life you want money to buy diamonds and in this game, you also need money in the free fire to buy a diamond, you can buy diamonds in Free Fire from your debit card or you can use UPI Method also. As per the sources, we are getting information that players are using money to buy diamonds for Free Fire.

If you want Free Diamonds in the Free Fire game you can get that from Google Opinion Rewards. Very useful app and this app also gives you play credits for completing the survey of their App.

Now I am giving you a step-by-step brief for How to get Free Diamonds in the Free Fire game by Google Opinion Rewards.

Steps for Google Opinion Rewards

  • Follow these steps to get Diamonds in Free Fire for free from Google.
  • Fill all the required information and create a profile.
  • After completing that profile. The app gives you play credit and from this play credit you can buy Diamonds in Free Fire in the section of game top up center.

Now, the step of how to buy diamonds from Free Fire’s top-up center.

1. Open the game on your Smartphone or computer and go to the top-up center.

2. Now go and select the number of diamonds you want.  

3. And now, you will pay for those diamonds but not from money from your Google play credits.

4. And when you are done, the new diamonds will credit to your free fire game account.

How to Get 25000 or more diamonds for free in Free Fire

How to get free diamonds in the Free Fire

There are many websites that promise to give free diamonds for the Free Fire game. On these websites, you have to fill in your Free Fire game id and the no. of diamonds you want.

Below are the steps to get 25000 Free Fire diamonds, you can follow them and get your 25000 diamonds.

1. First step-

Here I am giving you a website link you can go there and generate your diamonds “”.

2. Second step-

Click on the online generator button  

3. Third step-

Now enter the Free Fire game ID and choose the platform you want and click on proceed.

4. Fourth step-

 Now choose that how much diamond you want and click proceed.  

5. Fifth step-

In this step, you have to do a human verification test and after passing that test you are set to get your diamonds.

6. Sixth step- 

Now the last step, open the game Free Fire and check on your account that diamonds came or not, and if the diamonds are not there then you have to wait for at least 2 hours maximum.

Some important points you should remember if you are Free Fire player.

Now you know all the steps for Free diamonds in the Free Fire game but remember one thing always use these methods as a secondary method.

These hacks are not safe sometimes in the Free Fire game for diamonds; there are so many risks in these hacks. If your account gets hacked your diamonds get minus and your account gets banned in the Free Fire game.

How to get 1000diamond in the Free Fire game daily.

When I am searching for information about this that how to get 1000 diamonds in the Free Fire game daily. I found many solutions but I didn’t find them safe at all. Some of you also do searches for this information and many of you did the things that are written on many articles. But if you try these methods some people’s accounts get hacked or ban from Free Fire Game.

Here I am telling you some safe ideas for Free Fire Diamonds daily.

Refer your friends and Earn

Refer and Earn app these are some app from where you get free 300 or more diamonds for your Free Fire Game. The only thing you have to do is to refer these types of app to someone and after that, if that person installs that app on his mobile phone then you get free diamonds for Free Fire.  There are many apps that are present in the Google play store which is like Refer and Earn. These types of apps are safe for getting free diamonds in the Free Fire game.

Survey apps

These types of apps are full of Fortune. These apps are available on the Google play store. Google play store is safe and recommends you the best and safest app. The thing in these survey apps is that you have to fill the survey and get a free diamond for the Free Fire game.

Diamond Earning Festive programs

In Free Fire, it provides game programs. This offers you a reward in diamond form. This type of program only appears in the festive season. In this program, you have to watch their advertisement and when the advertisement gets finished you get your diamonds for Free Fire Game. Safest and easy method for earning diamonds.

Apply Redeem codes and get free diamonds

It is a very simple way for getting free diamonds for the game Free Fire. In this way, you can earn 1000 and more diamonds.  You can get these Redeem codes from Free Fire social networks sites. You can go to their Facebook official page and get the Redeem codes.

Diamond generator for Free Diamonds in free fire game

You can use this diamond generator and earn up to 1000 diamonds for the Free Fire game. It is a very useful and beneficial tool for getting diamonds. But you have to choose wisely because on the internet there are many fake diamond generators also.

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