23 Ideas of How to Design the wall to give it a new look and give you a fresh feeling.

The festive season is coming and we all know that in this festive there are lots of guests coming to our house. As we keep ourselves updated and good looking we have to keep our wall as fresh as we. Our eyes also get bore of seeing the same wall again and again.

We have to keep changing our wall decor as we update ourselves. we can give the wall a fresh look by hanging new paintings and color the wall with some funky cool colors to give it a fresh look. If you are still confused and not getting ideas regarding how to décor the wall, don’t worry I have 25 ideas of how to décor a wall.

1. Large wall Paintings

You can hang an oversized or large painting or photo on that wall. This will create people’s attention towards it. This painting will give it a Classy look to the wall. You can hang your family collage as well on that wall. This will also look great.

2. Gallery Wall

A gallery wall can create a charm for your house. You can hang small indoor plants on that gallery wall. It will give a green vibe and you will be very fresh. You can put the shelf on that wall and keep your books there. So, whenever you want to read books you can go and read books in a fresh environment. You can hang a swing there also.

3. Paint the wall

how to paint a wall

If you didn’t feel attractive or you don’t want to hang something on your wall then you can go for painting your walls. You can give it a design by saying the painter as it will also look more classy and elegant. You can paint your wall with bold colors and you can put wallpaper as well. Just do this and the wall will say thank you to you.

4. Showcase a fabric

hwo to paint a wall

A wall painting can add a classy look to your wall, but if you go for fabric, it will look amazing. You can buy a very classy and printed fabric and now what you have to do is hang it on your wall. You will get after seeing that wall. And fabrics are so lightweight as you know and easier to move than wall paintings.

5. Hang mirrors on your wall

how to paint wall

As we all know, Mirrors reflect light as it will give your house a bigger feel and look decorative. You can add a lighting setup to your mirrors.

6. Mural

You can paint a mural on your wall. Like you can write a quote or you can draw something classy or something your favorite. But remember if you are a master in paints then draw otherwise it will come as a disaster.

7. Hang shelf on your wall

If you want to give your wall a study feel you can create shelve on your wall. Hanging shelves look very classy and elegant. It will give your wall a classy look and an elegant look as well. And it will décor your wall as well.

8. Hanging plates on the wall

Well, we all have a new and classy plate set. So, why keep them aside, use them as your wall décor. Yes, you can use that plate set as your wall hanging. This will give your wall a royal look and classy too.

9. Display sculptural on your wall

You can hang the sculptural displays on your walls. As it will give a real look to the wall. But choose wisely when you are buying any sculptural for your home décor. Choose a design that will go with your house theme.

10. Go greener go fit

Plants just don’t create a beautiful look it will give you a healthy life as well. There are many plants which you can keep inside the house. Indoor plants are very good and cleanse your surroundings. And give you fresh air. For home décor, you can use mounted planters. You can hang these plants on your wall. And here you go With a beautiful wall.

11. Macramé wall art

These arts are the 70’s fashion which came again with new looks. These are wall hangings. At this time wall hangings are in trend. They have a weaving texture that will give your wall without painting a beautiful look.

12. Beaded wall art

These wall hangings are very much in trend.  They are made up of small beads as per the name. These are made by using a traditional Maasai Beading Tradition. These are made in Tanzania.

13. Oversized wall calendar

You can hang an oversized calendar on the wall with a classy design. As it will look cool on the walls. You can hang it on the Kitchen walls and in the living room also. You can try bold colors calendars with modern design.

14. Whiteboard or chalkboard

You can add up a whiteboard and chalkboard on your study room wall or playroom as well. You can change the colors of the board as your preference. But choose it wisely as your home theme. It should be fit with your theme.

15. Basket wall

You can add Baskets design to your wall. It will look sporty as well cool. Go with neutral colors. Like you have seen on a basketball court. And you can put some basketballs in your room to create a realistic look. For this design, you can go for 3D art.

16. Globe

You can add a globe to your room. It will look good and you can order a world map as well and hang it on the wall. And mark your next world tour destinations.

17. Mount your television on the wall.

If you have a plain wall in your living room you can mount a Television there. A flat-screen television can make it look more beautiful. It will enhance the wall. And you can hang a classy clock near the Television. It will enhance it more.

18. Hang antique clocks

If you hang an antique clock on your wall, it will just give a wow feeling to the wall. Antique clocks are so classy and elegant as they will change the whole look of the room. And Décor your Home so beautifully.

19. Mount your bicycle

Yes, Nowadays people are hanging their bicycles on the wall. It will create a different look and it will catch everyone’s eyes. And it will give more floor space as well to your house. You can create this wall as your photo wall.

20. Always use removable wall art

Always make sure that you use removable wall arts. Because in the future if you get bore with that design you can easily remove that hanging or wall art and décor it New. And use wallpaper instead of paints as you can remove it easily.

21. Home Décor with paper lights

Paper lights give your wall a classy look. Just off all the lights and on the paper lights. That feel will make you feel so fresh. And in this paper light, you can have a candle lights dinner with your loved ones.

 22. Rugs on the walls

these rugs with an elegant design are just lit. Rugs came in very unique designs and shape so choose it with your Home Décor theme. You can hang them on the walls to make the wall look more eye-catching.

23. Headwear wall décor

If you don’t have enough space in your closet then hang them on your wall which you want to decorate. I am not saying to hang your clothes on the wall. You can hang headwear or hats on that wall which you want to décor. And believe me, this will enhance your wall and give space to your wardrobe.  

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