What is the difference Between Web Series vs Movies

Web series Vs Movie – What is Best Web Series vs Movies -: Everyone had watched a web series in the lockdown process and I am sure you guys had fun watching web series. Like I am sure that you have watched sacred games famous web show of Netflix, and how can we miss the boss of web show Mirzapur, patal lok and kota factory these are the very popular web show of the OTT Platforms.

 Many of us are fans of movies also but would you ever notice a difference between web series and movies.

Not let’s talk about the difference between web series and movies.

Differences between Web series Vs Movie

 web series vs movies
Web show VS Movie
  • In OTT Platforms you can watch any movie at sitting in your home with your family members. It’s a new medium of our entertainment. There are many OTT Platforms where you can stream web series which you want to watch. And on the other side you can watch movie in theatres during a movie release and after when the movie gets old you can watch it on television as well. 
  • The platform where we watch web series are known as OTT Platform. There are many OTT Platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime and many more. And where movies got released is known as theatre
  • The best point of OTT Platform was that you can watch it any time and at any place. You can watch it sitting and chilling at your home. And in theatres first we have to book movie tickets and we have to reach there on time otherwise we will go to miss our movie.
  • Web shows are released in the form of episode and each episode has its own time duration. On the other side movies are not released in the form of episode .every movie finish at proper time duration of 2-3 hours.
  • Web series don’t end in one season they generate curiosity on audience mind so that they got more curiosity and more curiosity means when they release the next season audience will rush to watch it and they get more views. And in movies very few movie make sequel but movies don’t end up with suspense. Very few movies create suspense at the end like ‘BAHUBALI’.   
  • Web series need to be engaging so that viewers will not skip any part of the web show and watch the whole web series. And in movies they have faster engaging screenplay because they have to finish the movie in 2 to 3 hours. 
  • The best part of web series is that they don’t have any song except the promotional one. And in movies especially Bollywood movies they have multiple songs and song got released before the movie. 
  • Web series have a lot of content and if the content becomes boring people will leave it or skip that part. And in movies if the star cast is one of our favorite then we will definitely going to watch it.
  • Web series don’t have high and strict rules for censorship but in movies they have to follow the censorship rules.
  • Mostly web series shoot under natural lighting or at low lighting set up which makes the web series look more realistic, and if we talk about movies they have rich lighting set up.

And as my opinion web series are becoming more popular day by day but web show and movies are so different. Some people thought that in future web show will take the place of movies but this is not true. Movies will always there and always popular.

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