Top 10 South Indian actors- best south Indian actors who have worked in many blockbuster movies, their first debut movie, and personal life.

Top 10 South Indian actors : The south Indian film industry is divided into four categories- the first one is the Tamil film industry, the second one is the Telugu film industry, the third one is the Malayalam film industry, and the fourth and last one is the Kannada film industry. They all work as a single entity. And the south film industry is based in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, and Bangalore.

This south industry is full of many talented and versatile actors. It is the second film industry after Bollywood which is very huge and this industry gives a lot of hits to the film industry. This industry is regulated by the south Indian film chamber. The combined and total revenue of the south industry represents over 50-60% of the whole Indian cinema.

South Indian movies are popular for their action, flying cars, stunts, and very cheesy storyline among Hindi-speaking people. But some south Indian movies are just lit. Just like in Hindi cinema there are many super hit movies like Thppad, Baddhai ho, and pink. And just like that in the south industry, there are many movies that are just like a gem. And many south industry movies are so superb and Bollywood makes their copy.

In Indian cinema, there are many actors and actresses like Amitabh Bacchan, Dharmendra, and khans of our industry, who are like gems of Bollywood. Just like that south industry has also a lot of gems like Rajnikanth, Kamal Hassan, Chiranjeevi, and Pawan kalian, etc.

Many south Indian actors worked on television and other entertainment platforms. The names of some actors are Kamal Hassan, Ram, Mahesh babu and many more. These people are loved by their audiences and all around the world. Some of the south actors also worked in the Bollywood industry.

Here is the list of the Top 10 best south actors who had worked in many south Indian movies. And some of them have given blockbuster to the south industry also. Like Prabhas, Mahesh Babu, and many more.

1 Vikram

top 10  south actor

Vikram is a handsome south film actor, producer and he only works in Tamil movies. Vikram was born on April 17, 1966, in Tamil Nadu. He is 45 years old.  He made his debut with the movie ‘En Kadhal Kanmani’ in 1990.  Vikram has a special place in the hearts of his fans. He had done many movies like Sethu, Thaandavam, Deiva thirumagal, Raavanan and kadaram Kondan etc.

2 Suriya


Suriya’s real name is Saravanan Sivakumar Surya. He is a south Indian actor, producer. he also works in the south industry. Surya was born on July 23 1975 in Chennai. He is one of the legendary actors of the south industry. He is so popular in north India also.  Suriya made his debut in 1997 with the movie ‘Nerrukku Ner’. But he got real success from the film ‘Nanda’ in 2001.

3 Joseph Vijay

Joseph Vijay

Vijay is an Indian actor, singer, and dancer also. Joseph Vijay only works with the south industry. He was born on June 22 1974 in Tamil Nadu. He made his debut with the film ‘Nalaiya Therapu’ in 1992.

4 Allu Arjun

Top 10 South Indian actors

Allu Arjun is a famous and very popular actor in the south industry. Allu Arjun is the most stylish actor in the south industry. He is an actor, producer, singer, and dancer also.  He is one of the veteran actors of the south. Allu Arjun was born on April 08 1983 in Chennai. Aluu Arjun only works with the south industry.  He made his debut in the film “Gangotri” in 2003.

5 Prabhas

Top 10 South Indian actors

Prabhas real name is Uppalapati Venkata Satyanarayana Prabhas Raju. He mainly works with Telugu cinema. he was born on October 23 1979 in Chennai.  He made his debut with the Telugu film “Ishwar” in 2002.

6 Vijay Sethupathi

Vijay Sethupathi

Vijay Sethupathy is an actor, producer, lyricist, and dialogue writer. He comes from a middle-class family. He was born on January 16, 1978. Vijay made his debut with the Tamil film “Thenmerku Paruvakatru” in 2010.  He appeared in many movies but not as the main lead. He had given many super hit movies like Sethupathi, Vikram Veda, Nanum Rowdy and Pakkatha kanom, etc.  

7 Yash


Yash’s real name is Naveen Kumar Gowda. He is a Kannada film actor. He mainly works with the Kannada industry. Yash was born on January 8 1986 in Karnataka.  He made his debut with the film “Jambada Hudugi” in 2007.

8 Mahesh Babu

Top 10 South Indian actors

Mahesh Babu’s real name is Mahesh Ghatmananeni. He is an actor, producer, philanthropist. he works with the Telugu industry.  Mahesh babu was born on august 9 1975 in Chennai.  He made his debut with the film “Raja Kumarudu” in 1999.

9 Karthi Sivakumar

Karthi Sivakumar

Karthi’s real name is Karthi Sivakumar. He is an Indian actor, producer and he works only with the Tamil industry. Karthi was born on May 25 1977 in Chennai. He made his debut with the film “Paruthiveeran” in 2007. And that movie was the blockbuster movie of Karthi.

10 Vishal


Vishal’s real name is Vishal Krishna. He is an Indian actor, director, producer and he works in the Tamil industry. Vishal was born on 29 August 1977 in Chennai. He made his debut with the film “Chellamae”.

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