Hindi Movie Entertainment Dog Breed

Hindi Movie Entertainment Dog Breed- Entertainment movie was released on 8 august 2014. It’s a comedy action movie which was directed and written Sajid-Farhad and produced by Ramesh S. Taurani. The star casts are Tamannah, Mithun Chakraborty, Johnny Lever, Prakash Raj and Sonu Sood.

The main role in the Movie “Entertainment” was of a Dog Named “Entertainment”. An Audition was conducted in Bangkok for the role of “Entertainment” the dog. In that auditions there are total 50 dogs came but the team selected a Dog whose breed was Golden Retriever and this dog is our Entertainment. And in 2013 of June the director and Producers discussed the shoot location and they finalized Bangkok for the shoot location.

Hindi Movie Entertainment story

The story revolves around a boy named Akhil who was a failure in his life; he didn’t know that his father was a very rich diamond business man, who passed away. And when he know that his father was that rich diamond business man he went to take the wealth of his part  but when he went there he get to know that the wealth was not of his part, his father gave all the wealth to his dog named “Entertainment”.

Now his mission was to kill that dog Entertainment and take all the wealth.

In this movie the breed of the dog Entertainment was Golden Retriever. This dog plays a very important role in this movie. The overall movie was based on this dog Entertainment. In this movie you can see the friendship between a dog and a human. This movie shows that animals are so loyal; they can do anything for their owner.

 Now let’s talk about the dog breed of the movie entertainment Golden Retriever.

The entertainment dog Breed Golden retriever

Entertainment Dog Breed
Golden retreiver

The golden retriever, one of the most popular dogs especially in United States. They are very friendly dog that’s why many families always buy a Golden Retriever. This breed is so sweet, gentle, and people get attracted to them. If you want to protect your house from robbers then you should not buy a golden retriever because they are friendly dog. They can do friendship with any human being. This breed love to make friends and playing with children. This is perfect family dog that’s the reason families love to buy golden retriever.  This breed is called the family breed dog that’s why many families always prefer to buy a golden retriever. This breed can make friends of other breeds dog too because they are friendly by nature.

Golden retriever weight above 55 to 75 pounds and they can live up to 10 to 12 years life span. They are very outgoing type of dog, trustworthy and they are very easy to train.

this breed is very active at least 1hour of exercise is must for them. There are foodies as well as they love to run and always want to spend time with their owner.

Needs of a Golden retriever

Golden retriever
Golden retriever

This breed always wants to stay near the people whom they love the most. They always wanted to treat like a family member. We can take the Golden retrievers with other pets too. They are trustworthy dog breed. Golden retriever is a very outgoing pet so before buying a golden retriever you have to take the responsibility to always take him out.

Care of a Golden retriever

Golden retriever 1
Golden retreiver

If you are Golden retrievers owner then you should know that they also need nails trim once in a month. But the question arises here is that when you should know that this is the best time to trim their nails? And the answer is When you hear that their nails are touching the floor. so that’s the best time to get nail trim.This is the best time to get their nails trimmed. You should always brush their teeth in every two to three times a week. Golden retriever has fold ears which causes bacteria and fungus to grow, that’s why ear cleaning is also very imp. You should wipe their ears with a cotton ball and put some Ph-balanced ear cleaner for cleaning and preventing infection.   

In a golden retriever life exercise plays a very important role. At least one hour of exercise is must. Golden retriever love to have a long run, they love to do bike rides and they are a good swimmer as well. These types of exercises you can teach him.

If a golden retriever doesn’t get enough exercise his behavior gets change like digging and chewing. You can give him toys to plays but physical exercise is must.  And when you buy a puppy of golden retriever then you should avoid long run.

Feeding is the most important thing. You should feed them properly otherwise they will become overweight. Food should always given by measurement and only twice a day. You should give them treat also but not more than one in a day. If your golden retriever gains weight then you should go and get a test of his eyes and hands.

Health of a Golden retriever

Golden retriever 2
Golden retriever

Golden retrievers live up to 10-12 years old. They are the healthiest breed of dog. But most of the golden retriever gets cancer and they died.  And not only cancer many other health condition they can get like elbow dysplasia, gastric dilatation and allergies. Golden retriever has that type of coat which comes in different shades. There shed a lot so from prevent shedding you should brush their fur frequently.  

Golden retriever can give birth to at least eight to six puppies. These are so cute and friendly as well. If you teach them how to sit, shake hand and many other activities, they will learn it easily because this breed is quick learner and golden retriever puppies get mature before their age. That’s why you have seen many golden retrievers who are very small by age but they look mature.

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