Chakkappazham – Comedy serial, story, cast information, and facts.


An Indian television in Malayalam-language serial which is directed by R. Unnikrishnan, and this show telecast on the channel “Flowers”.  This how is coming on TV from 10 august 2020.  In this show, you can see what’s happening in their house and what type of incident will be happening.  It’s a comedy serial and audiences love it. The story of this show revolves around the family of uthaman.

Uthaman who works in a hospital as a compounder. Uthaman’s wife Asha is a house maker. His father kunjunni was a retired person, who was enjoying his retired life.Kunjunni does a flag waving job in air force but keeps this secret only his wife knows this and everyone thought that he worked as a pilot in Air force. Kunjunni’s wife lalitha always stays afraid that someday this secret will come out. Lalitha was an air hostess but after marrying to kunjunni she quits the job and stays at home.

Utthaman’s sister (Pinky) married to her maternal cousin shivan; he is a constable in Kerala police. Sumesh is the youngest son and unemployed in the whole family. This family has four children. Uthaman has three children. The eldest one is a student. And the middle one is his son and the younger one is again a daughter. The youngest son is kannan pinky’s son he is the youngest one in this family. And the eldest one is uthaman’s grandmother.

 In this series you can watch humor, arguments, love, fights and lots of comedy.  This series attracts you by their comedy and the characters.

Cast of this show

S.P. Sreekumar as Uthaman kunjunni

Chakkapazhm- S.P.Sreekumar

S. P. Sreekumar, he is an Indian TV and film actor; he works in many south TV series and cinema. His first show on TV was Chirikidathom, which was aired on Amrita TV. And within a year he played several roles in TV industry and Film industry. And now he is playing uthaman’s role in chakkappazham.  

Aswathy Sreekanth as Asha

chakkappazhm-Aswathy Sreekanth

Aswathy Sreekanth played the role of Uthaman wife’s. Aswathy is a Television Actress, a host also, anchor and writer too. And she has a YouTube channel also. Aswathy Sreekanth is a multitalented lady. She plays her role very brilliantly in chakkappazhm. She also receive Kerala state television award in 2020.

Shruthi Rajanikanth as Painkili

Chakkappazhm- Shruthi Rajanikanth

she plays the role of Uthaman’s sister in Chakkappazham. Shruthi Rajanikanth is an Indian TV actress and a dancer also. But the real fame she gets from is this serial “chakkappazhm”.  She started his career as a child artist in south TV series.

Mohammed Raffi as Sumesh Kunjunni

Chakkappazhm- Mohhamed Raffi

Mohhamed Raffi plays the role of Uthaman’s younger brother in the serial chakkappazahm. He is an Indian actor and a you tuber too. He was known for his tiktok videos and from tiktok he got more fame. But the real fame he got is from “chakkappazham”.

5. Amal Rajdev as Kunjunni

Chakkappazhm- Amal Rajdev

Amal Rajdev plays the role of Uthaman’s Father and lalitha’s husband in chakkappazhm.  Amal Rajdev a popular TV Actor. Who was born in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Amal Rajdev is known for playing the role of ” HAMEED” in the famous movie “Malik”.

Sabeeta George as Lalitha Kunjunni

Chakkappazhm- Sabeeta George

she plays the role of Uthaman’s mother and Kunjunni’s wife in the TV series Chakkappazham.  Sabeeta George is a TV actress, singer, and dancer. She worked in many commercial, short films and serials. Aswathy is from Kochi. And she had worked in California as well. She had a great interest in acting that’s why she leaves her medical profession and enters in acting line.

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