Bollywood actors and their marriages affairs and breakups.

In the Bollywood industry, we see lots of actors are having two and more marriages, divorces, and many affairs as well. Getting married once the time is another thing and staying married is another thing. The people who got married two times are like being “once bitten shy” and for our Bollywood actors, it is called introspection. Bollywood has many famous affairs, double marriages, many divorces, and breakups. But some celebrities had done more than one or two marriages and some of the marriages are successful and some not.  Now, let’s check out some of the Bollywood actors who married more than twice.

Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt’s the Munna Bhai of Bollywood. His first wife’s name was Richa Sharma. The couple gets married in 1987. And this couple had a daughter also named Trishala Dutt.  And when Richa’s death happen in 1996, then Sanjay took the decision to get married to Rhea Pillai in 1998. But after seven years they both took divorce without having any issues. And again he got married to Manyata Dutt. And they both have a twin a boy and a girl. There was a rumor also that Sanjay was married to Rekha but this is not true.

Siddharth Roy Kapur

Siddharth Roy Kapur was the top producer of the Bollywood industry. Before getting married to vidya Balan in 2012, he gets two times divorced. His first wife was his childhood friend and his second wife was a television producer and he got separated from his second wife in 2008 and they got divorced in 2011. Vidya balan is his third wife.

karan Singh Grover

he was the most handsome TV actor. Karan was first married to TV actress Shraddha Nigam in 2008 and after 10months they got divorced. And after this divorce, he got married to TV actress Jennifer Winget. And this marriage was also not successful. They separated their ways in 2014 due to some personal differences. And after that Karan dated Bipasha Basu and after some years of dating they got married.

V. Shantaram

V. Shantaram was also married three times. His first wife’s name was Vimala and from Vimala, he had a son and two daughters. later they got separated. after that, he got married to Jayashree Kamulkar and from Jaya, he had three children. And after that, he got divorced from Jayashree. And his third wife was Sandhya with whom he had many movies.  

Lucky Ali

Lucky Ali is a singer and actor; he belongs to the family of actor Mahmood, where Mahmood also had three marriages. Lucky Ali’s first wife’s name was Meaghan, she was from New Zealand. And after some time they got separated. After that, he got married to Inaya and from Inaya, he had two children. But after some issues, he got separated. And then he got married to Miss England Kate Hallam and they had a son named Dani.

Kamal Hassan

 Kamal Hassan’s first wife was Vani Ganapathy, they both get married in 1978 but after 10 years they get separated. And after that, he got married to Bollywood actress Sarika and from Sarika, he had two daughters. Shruti Hassan and Akshara Hassan. And after separation from Sarika, he had an affair with Tamil actress Gauthami. But this affair also did not get its way. Recently this couple announced their breakup.

Vinod Mehra

 Vinod Mehra has started his journey in Bollywood as a child artist in 1960. He makes his debut in the film “Amar prem” in 1971. Vinod Mehra has given many successful films. This actor gets married three times. His first marriage was with Meena Broca and after some time they got separated. And after that, he had an affair with Rekha but this affair didn’t last. Then Vinod get married to Bindiya Goswami but this marriage also didn’t last and ended with divorce.  And his third marriage was with Kiran. This couple had a son and daughter. Their Daughter’s name was Soniya Mehra who made his acting debut in 2007 with the film “Victoria no. 203”.  

Kabir Bedi 

Kabir Bedi has done four marriages. Kabir’s first wife’s name was Protima Bedi, she was an Odissi dancer and from Protima, he had two children. after Kabir get divorced from Protima, he got married to Susan Humphreys and from Susan, he had a son. And after the separation from Susan, he gets married to TV presenter Nikki and they get divorced in 2005.  And his fourth marriage was with Parveen Dusanj. They both were dating for many years.

Vidhu Vinod Chopra 

Producer and director of Bollywood, Vidhu Vinod Chopra also had more than two marriages. His first wife was a film editor named Renu Saluja in 1970 and after some time they got divorced. His second wife’s name was Shabnam Sukhdev, they got married but in 1980 they got separated. And after that, he fell in love with writer and film critic Anupama Chopra and they got married. This couple has a son and both are very successful in their careers.

Adnan Sami

The most famous singer Adnan Sami’s first wife’s name was Zeba Bakhtiar. He got married to Zeba in 1993. They both had a son named Azaan Sami. Both had a son named Azaan Sami Khan. They get divorced after 3years of marriage.  And after that, he got married to a girl named Sabash Galadari and this marriage was also not successful and they ended up getting a divorce in 2009. And after that, he marry again in 2010, a German girl named Roya Faryabi, and after marriage, they are living in India and they got citizenship of India as well. This couple has a daughter named Medina.  

Kishore Kumar

Kishor Kumar had four wives. His first wife’s name was Ruma Guha but after Rima gave birth to their son Amit Kumar, they got separated. And after that Kishor Kumar fell in love with Madhubala and they got married. But due to some diseases, she died in 1969. And then Kishor Kumar get married to yogita Bali but in a very short time, he parted his ways. And Kishor Kumar’s fourth and last marriage was with Leena Chandavarkar in 1980, it was Leena’s second marriage and Kishor’s fourth. This couple had a son named Sumit Kumar Ganguly. Sumit Kumar is a playback singer of Bollywood.

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