Best south Indian thriller movies- 17 best south thriller movies.

Best south Indian thriller movies -: If you are the types of person who loves to watch suspense, mystery, and thriller dramas that have a drastic end, then you are really exhausted watching Bollywood movies. 

Language is not a barrier for any movie because nowadays all movies have their subtitle. so it’s not a big issue. And if I talk about south Indian movies there are many great thriller movies in the south.

I think some of the best thriller movies are made in the south. South Indian movies come in many south regional languages like Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu. South movies have very different plots and the characters are just superb. Some of the south movies are so fantastic and the Bollywood industry copies some south movies.

So, here I bring you the 17 best south Indian thriller movies which are full of thrillers and dramas.

1. Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru

best thriller movies

In this movie, you can see that the story focuses on a police detective who loses his leg in an investigation of a couple, who get murdered strangely. this is a high-level suspense thriller movie.  And years after some unexpected twist and turn came into his life. This just turns the whole story.

2. Ratsasan 

best thriller movies

This is a story about a son who gives up his dreams of becoming a filmmaker and becomes a police officer because of his father’s sudden death. He then got a work of a psychotic killer who preys on school-going girls. This is a horror-thriller movie. This movie is so scary and I recommend you to watch it.

3. Anjaam Pathira

Anjaam Pathira

This is a Malayalam drama movie in which a person named Anwar is a consultant criminologist who assists the whole Kerala police department in searching for that type of criminal who does murder in a very different or in a unique way.

4. Visaranaithis


This is a Tamil crime thriller movie. This movie received many international and national honors’. This is a story of police corruption, the people who are suffering from corruption, and the battle between good and bad.

5. U-Turn

u turn

This is a paranormal thriller movie in which we can see Samantha Akkineni and Aadhi Pinisetty. The acting of both the characters is just superb and you guys must watch this movie.

6. Gultoo


This is a suspense thriller Kannada movie. The story is just superb you just can’t skip any part of it. This movie will keep you sitting in your seat. Stories based on cybercrime.

7. Vikram Vedha

This is a horror-thriller movie based on the story of “Vikram betaal”. The main leads of this movie are Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi.  The story revolves around a police officer who has to solve a dangerous criminal case. You can see many emotions in this movie.

8. Mumbai Police

mumbai police

This is a Malayalam film which story revolves around ACP Antony Moses, who is still attempting his memory to come back. He loses his memory in a car accident. This is one of the best climax movies in the Malayalam industry.

9. Kavaludaari

This is a Kannada police drama movie with excellent action and thriller. And the performances of the actors are just superb. A person who loves a detailed storyline will love this movie.

10. Drushyam

This is a Telugu thriller movie. This movie is the remake of the movie Jeethu Joseph’s. It is a very successful movie of south industry. This movie is full of terrifying, moving, and heartbreaking emotions. All emotions are seen in one movie.

11. 13B

In this movie, you can see a person named Manohar who sees that the event which is happening in this program has actually happened with his family. This movie is really very addictive. Manohar chooses to investigate that what is happening with him.

12. Vishwaroopam

In this movie, a person named Viz lives in New York. Viz teaches kathak to the students.  His wife, just get bored with his husband and started an affair with her boss. She hires an investigator to secretly see his husband and find an excuse to get a divorce from him. This is a nice movie at all. If you want to watch then go and watch.

13. Ezra

It is the story of a couple named Ranjan and Priya, who get shifted to Kochi but they are not comfortable there because of a new city and new people. one day Priya went to the market and a buy an antique box and comes to home and when they open the box they find paranormal things happening in their house. This is a paranormal thriller movie.

14. 7th Day

This is a story of an IPS officer named David who is involved in an accident and then he meets two people named Shan and Vinu. After when Vinu flees to the hospital, David senses that something wrong is Gonne happen. When he is doing his investigation he found that Shan and Vinu are members of a criminal group and the mastermind of the group is Christopher Moriarty.

15. Memories 

This is a story of a police officer named Sam; he became an alcoholic because his wife and daughter get murdered in front of his eyes. And after that, he got a case where he has to find the kidnapping of young married man.

16. Kuttrame Thandanai 

In this movie, you will see Ravi a person who suffers from a condition called Tunnel Vision, and because of this, he can become blind also. the operation for this condition costs 3, 20,000 rupees but he didn’t have this much amount money. And for money, he goes to the bank for a loan but the bank refuses to give him a loan. And after that, he decided to blackmail two suspects of murder because he is the only witness of that murder. He is the only one who can save the suspects.

17. Anukokunda Oka Roju

This is a horror-thriller movie in which Sahasra a girl wakes up early morning but she is realizing that this is not the day after, she got very horrified. She then decided to know that what happened at that last party.

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