TVF Aspirants Review

                              By time we get to know that there is so much talent instead of Bollywood. If you want to watch some great stuff you should watch TVF OTT platform. In TVF you can found a youthful content which will make you feel fresh. For example Yeh Meri Family and Pitchers…this is the finest show … Read more

What is the difference Between Web Series vs Movies

Web Series and Movies

Web series Vs Movie – What is Best Web Series vs Movies -: Everyone had watched a web series in the lockdown process and I am sure you guys had fun watching web series. Like I am sure that you have watched sacred games famous web show of Netflix, and how can we miss the … Read more

Kota Factory season 2 Review


Season 2 of TVF’s series ‘Kota Factory’ aired on Netflix on 24 September. This show has a tendency to  complete 5 episodes within the 1st try itself . within the thick of such a big amount of crime-drama thrillers, whenever a TVF show comes, the curiosity mechanically wakes up.  Kota Factory Story The story starts from wherever it all over last time. Once a year’s Hard work, Vaibhav has reached Maheshwari Coaching, Kota’s best employment category, far away from his friends and Jeetu Bhaiya. The remainder of his … Read more